Attractions Near Our Hotel

Enterprise, AL, is home to many unique area attractions, landmarks, and points of interest, all of which are conveniently located just a short distance away from our hotel. Whether you prefer to enjoy the local historical offerings or the local amusement choices, you can enjoy staying closer to them all.

The Little Red Schoolhouse is a replica building of a 19th century log house. This one-room school building is stocked with desks, chalkboards, schoolbooks, and other items that bring history to life.

The Boll Weevil Monument is a testament to the resilience of early local farming. The boll weevil decimated cotton crops, which were replaced with far more profitable peanut farming. This statue is considered the first monument built to honor a pest.

The Pea River Historical Society Depot Museum preserves our community’s local history, with the original Boll Weevil Monument on display, as well as numerous other antiques and exhibits.

Featured Attractions

Little Red Schoolhouse

Located at the Enterprise Welcome Center, guests can find the replica building of the Little Red Schoolhouse as it would have been in the 19th century. This single room historical attraction shows how early students learned. The building was also constructed to show visitors our community’s architectural history as well with a rustic design that reflects the importance of early farming efforts by the original residents of our area.

Boll Weevil Monument

Boll Weevils are notoriously invasive pests, so why would a city have a monument dedicated to them? Because of their influence over the area, as well as how they destroyed the popular cotton crops of early farmers. Prominent figures transformed these farms into peanut farms. As a result, these crops were found to be far more profitable, and it is all thanks to encountering these bugs. The original monument can be found in the Pea River Historical Society Depot Museum.

Pea River Historical Society Depot Museum

The Pea River Historical Society Depot Museum is the local authority on our community’s rich past. Located at the site of the original train depot built in 1903, this collection of artifacts has thousands of items on display. Featuring antique farming equipment, American war uniforms, and the original Boll Weevil Monument statue, this is a fascinating place to visit for any traveler. A separate building houses both the research library and gift shop and is in close proximity to the hotel.

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